Moore Packaging Goes PACsecure




Issued: December 18, 2012


Moore Packaging Earns HACCP Certification

First-ever for an Ontario independent corrugator & converter

In December 2012, Moore Packaging in Barrie, Ontario became HACCP Certified to the PACsecure standard of safe, accurate and hygienic food-grade packaging production. The largest non-integrated corrugated packaging operation in Ontario, Moore is the first independent to have earned HACCP Certification.

Following six months of facility improvements, operational changes, employee training and process implementation, a formal audit on October 31 resulted in a highly positive compliance and performance evaluation by the PACsecure Auditor. The entire Moore operation was immediately recommended for HACCP Certification and official confirmation arrived on December 14th.

According to Robb Abernethy, Quality Manager and “coach” of Moore’s certification team: “From every aspect including hygiene, packaging security, employee commitment, safe operation and proper handling, HACCP Certification has added another ‘block of quality assurance’ which builds upon the ISO standards we have met for years.”

Describing the significance of certification, Dan Faber, President, stated, “Moore has always been a company that tries to get better in every area and HACCP was one more way to do that.” Production Manager, Luke Sternberg adds, “In a business environment marked by increasing emphasis on food safety, HACCP Certification was a necessary direction to compete successfully in the future.”

Sales Manager Jeff Abbott, is “really pleased” with the result: “The certification program has driven a lot of good manufacturing procedures and made us a better company overall. Our Sales people are excited to be able to take it to the market in terms of what we’re doing to help our customers… and their customers.”

Contact: Jeff Abbott, Sales Manager, Moore Packaging Corporation
Tel: 416-287-6848 Ext 255; 1-800-461-4479; Barrie No.: 705-737-1023

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