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What does it take to be a successful Entrepreneur?

Many of us look up to successful business owners with a sense of mystery wondering what exactly the secret to achieving and exceeding their goals is. Most successful entrepreneurs would be the first to say you must do what you love! You have to enjoy what you’re doing and have an incredible passion to get you through the boring and difficult stuff. Entrepreneurs are characteristically high energy and bored easily. Being passionate about their business assists them in getting through the parts of the business that they don’t enjoy as much.

This leads us to other important factors for success as an entrepreneur, focus and determination. Those that can filter through the many distractions that hit them daily and stay focused on the goal with determination get there faster and more efficiently. They will be the first to tell you that they cannot do it alone! Successful entrepreneurs surround them selves with a top notch talented team, resources and information to assist them in the execution of their business plan. The business planning is important as it lays out the goals and method on paper where it can be analyzed and measured. Clear communication of the plan to the team and effective delegation to the correct team members is critical. Those who lead by listening know their employees and know their customers well. They continue to improve and adjust the plan because of the valuable feedback they receive from both.  Most successful companies are customer focused with an established distinct competitive advantage. Even if their product is the same as the next guy their difference is their service is friendlier or faster!

Successful Entrepreneurs have a clear vision and a strong ability to build relationships. They work diligently to achieve a respected reputation in their field, with their colleagues and in their community. This is a direct reflection of the organization that they lead. They are accessible and involved in their organization and their community.

They recognize that innovation is the key to survival in today’s marketplace.  Lastly, you will find that they are master negotiators and wise money managers.  The successful entrepreneur realizes that they cannot be everything to everyone. They identify their strengths and weakness and effectively delegate accordingly to talented people who can do the best job.

Watch this short video to hear a quick success story from the Founder and CEO of Moore Packaging Corporation.


Common Traits:

  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Adaptable
  • Leadership skills
  • Fearless
  • Innovative
  • Start small
  • Hard working
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