What is Retail-Ready Packaging?

Is there a difference between shelf-ready packaging and retail-ready packaging?

Retail ready packaging refers to packaging that can be easily transformed from a shipping container to a shelf or floor display. This solution has been developed to drive down supply chain costs and meet the needs and expectations of various retail formats.

Is there a difference between shelf-ready packaging and retail-ready packaging?

We prefer the term Retail-Ready because it better encompasses the whole supply chain. It also better describes a key form of RRP: the merchandising unit that sits right on the retail store floor on its own base, often at the aisle end.

Key Drivers for RRP:

 Improved Store Efficiency

  •  Labor – stores are regularly short of planned employees > 6%
  •  Employee turnover is high in the retail sector
  •  Overtime hours due to labor intensive activities hurt margins
  •  Out of stock merchandise results in lost sales and unhappy customers
  •  Less double handling of product

Improved Marketing Strategy for the Retailer and CPG

  •  Consumers demand convenience, choice, and availability
  •  RRP is a solution to improve on shelf availability of products
  •  Successful RRP solutions increase brand visibility as well as product identification and  shoppability
  •  Successful RRP solutions add structure to the shelf, thus making it easier for shoppers  to navigate the store

What does a good RRP look like?

  • Identify – clear recognition of brand, product type & variant on case for store staff
  • Open – reduced time, clean / no tear for best finish & reduced need for cutter
  • Replenish – single ‘one touch’ movement onto shelf faster than decanting each unit
  • Shop – at-a-glance recognition of category & unimpeded access to shop product
  • Dispose – straightforward to dismantle, separate & recycle or return

Your key questions Moore Packaging can answer:

  • How can RRP benefit my business and my customers?
  • What are the costs involved in implementing RRP?
  • What are the key features of successful retail-ready packaging?
  • What new technologies are impacting the development of RRP?
  • Where are the big market opportunities in the retail-ready packaging space?
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